Welcome to

The View

We are a startup that tries to push boundaries of Virtual Reality
technology and to innovate in fields such as real estate and medicine.



What We Do

Virtual reality is a world created by technical means, transmitted to a person through his senses. Using this artificial environment we can achieve new levels of immersion and interaction in various fields.
Finding or selling a suitable apartment is often hard work and time consuming, thus any advantage we can get is useful.Virtual Reality technology is on its way to become a powerful tool in selling and showcasing regular and off-the-plan property.
Health is the most important aspect of one’s life and medicine is always pushing for innovation.Developing and implementing Virtual Reality in ways that can help train, diagnose, and treat more efficiently in a multitude of situations is a big step forward.
View is a company that aims to introduce and implement VR in a way that augments all of these areas making the experience better and more efficient.

Our main purpose

View offers a VR integrated real estate platform for viewing apartments.

Using our software estate agencies can easily manage

their selection, while their clients can seamlessly browse

and view property in VR.